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    Get Your IT Project Done Right the First Time!

    If you have an IT project that must be done on-time and on-budget, we can help. From scoping out a new project to creating and assigning tasks, we know how to get it done. A dedicated project manager can make an IT project run smoothly and can effectively use high cost per hour IT professionals so that the overall cost of an implementation or a development effort is minimized.


    Use of applications is almost a necessity for most businesses today. If you are implementing any new systems, coordination of that implementation, training and changeover from your previous system requires detailed planning. You have enough to take care of with the day-to-day operations of your business. Let us help by being the "point" person to make sure that it happens as it should.


    To be an effective project manager, a person should have technical experience guiding a team of IT professionals with varied skillsets to work as a team. The project manager must also be a liaison between the technical team and the project's sponsor(s). Many times, the sponsor may have an objective that is poorly defined or only partially communicated. It is up to the project manager to solicit the true scope of a project by asking the proper questions. That ability requires experience in the business processes and also the technical capabilities.

    Project Management Task Board

    Another responsibility of a project manager is to manage expectations. By defining the scope properly and communicating this information to the project sponsor, what management expects and what can be delivered can be clearly defined. If mismanaged, "scope creep" can set in, where the project becomes more than it started out to be, with on-time performance and costs getting out of hand. The sponsor may "assume" that a piece of functionality is included when, in fact, it is not. This causes the success of the project to be less than desirable.


    To assure the success of an IT project, hiring a project manager familiar with both the business and the technical functions is money well spent. With years of experience in many business functional areas and familiarity of programming and testing, H2 Premier Solutions Group can keep your project on track. Call us today to discuss if there is a proper fit with our expertise and the needs of your project.

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